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Congo's lucha

La lucha is a non-partisan & non-violent Congolese citizen movement that demands from the DRC government a simple access to water, electricity and their social rights.
If the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo respected the word "Democracy" that names them, the movement de la Lucha would not even have to exist, but instead its members are imprisoned, tortured and even killed as Luc Nkulula.
Bitcoin helps this movement to receive donations from all over the world and to be able to avoid banking restrictions.
Bitcoin allows them to continue to spend, save, and set up new actions against their totalitarian government.
Lucha Congo

Lebanese crisis

Lebanon is going through one of the biggest financial crisis seen in history.
State corruption, inflation at more than 200%, bank closures, it is very difficult for the Lebanese population to have access to product of first necessities.
Crime increases rapidly and the population comes to rob the banks to recover their own money.
People start using Bitcoin because it could have avoided being hit by bank failures, hyperinflation, insure a better exchange rate against the US dollar and keep their funds safe.
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Afghan adoption

As the Afghan population is persecuted by talibans Bitcoin become a way for them to find back a bit of liberty, read more about it here :
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Julian Assange

Former Wikileaks journalist, Julian Assange is now imprisoned for having published 700,000 classified documents revealing the actions of the US army in Afghanistan and Iraq.
These journalists have resorted to Bitcoin to benefit from its uncensorability.
Julian Assange’s Continued Imprisonment Is A Test For Bitcoin’s Values - Forbes

Farida Nabourema

Farida Nabourema is a togolese human rights activist. Bitcoin serves her to avoid government censorship, and to get out of CFA Franc influence.

Nigerian Adoption

In Nigeria, more than 30% of the population have adopted cryptos, they try to flee government's oppression and the corrupt banking system.
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Venezuelan Adoption

Venezuela has suffered from hyperinflation for several years, Bitcoin is an easy way to the population protect against it, even a crypto bear market where Bitcoin loses 70% of its value is nothing compared to the 350,000% inflation in 2019 .
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Donations to Ukraine

At the start of the war, the government launched an appeal for donations in cryptocurrency and thus raised more than 54 million US dollars.
The use of Bitcoin has taken on its full meaning for the Ukrainian government an for the population, the banks being closed Bitcoin allows them to transfer value, to exchange value freely with a simple telephone 24/7.
Mykhailo Fedorov's tweetA Year into Russia’s War on Ukraine, Cryptocurrencies Continue to Play a Key Role - Chainalysis

Transfer fees

International transfers can take time (several days or even weeks), can be expensive through bank transfers or via services like Western Union. In some countries fees can go from 20% to 50% of the transaction.
With Bitcoin, the location of the receiver or the sender does not matter, for an on-chain transfer the costs vary but are never excessive (a few euros or even a few cents) and the transfer takes between 20 minutes and 1 hour to be confirmed, for a transfer on Lightning Network (second technological layer of Bitcoin) transfers take 2 seconds and only cost a few hundred satoshis (1 satoshi being equal to 0.00000001 BTC).
Note that in some countries the fees are even negative, indeed in these countries there is such a need for Bitcoin that its price is overvalued at +10 or +20%.

Gas flaring

During oil extraction gas surplus are rejected, these excess gas cannot be exploit so it is burned. This gas comes out in the form of methane, it is burned to transform it into Co2 which is 25 times less polluting than methane.
Bitcoin miners stand next to these borehole to exploit this excess gas and secure the network.
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Bitcoin Bloem

To grow their flowers Bitcoin Bloem Bitcoin mining. Bitcoin mining is connecting computers to electricity and internet to find a random number. Bitcoin mining secures the blockchain, creates value, and creates heat. It is this heat that Bitcoin Bloem exploits to grow their flowers.
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