Why is Bitcoin a revolution?

The non exhaustive way to understand what Bitcoin is.

Orange is the new Green

With this document I attempted to detail as much as possible the current and potential impact that Bitcoin has and could have on our planet, in order to better understand it and determine if its expansion could be dangerous for our ecosystem.

The Bitcoin Revolution in Iran

In this report, I explore the increasing use of Bitcoin by Iranians, a population facing economic challenges as well as censorship from their government and foreign powers. My goal is to depict how Bitcoin serves as a tool for protecting freedoms and preserving value in a complex economic and political context.

Who really use and need Bitcoin?

Discover how Bitcoin is playing a pivotal role in a range of global scenarios, empowering citizen movements against government oppression, aiding war-torn regions, and providing financial stability. Explore the versatility and transformative potential of Bitcoin across diverse socio-political contexts.

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Innovations on Bitcoin

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L402: The Protocol Making Bitcoin the Currency of the Internet for Artificial Intelligences (AI)

What is a Drivechain, and why does it divide the Bitcoin community so much?

Taproot Assets Protocol (ex-Taro): the key to Bitcoin's evolution?

Stablesats: Bitcoin's (BTC) "stablecoin" compatible with the Lightning Network.

BitVM: a Bitcoin (BTC) Rollup that Could Compete with Ethereum (ETH) Rollups?

Stacks (STX), the blockchain that brings smart contracts to Bitcoin (BTC)